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3D Master Shades

First complete System on the Market for 29 VITA 3D Master Shades for zirconia


"Bulletproof Approach to Staining Zirconia."

Nadine Payne, Payne Oral Design

3D-Master shade matching for full contour zirconia restorations has long been a challenge for dental laboratories. The new CHROMA 3D-Master Shade liquids precisely match the Origin Beyond Plus zirconia for a quick and consistent approach to staining. Simply dip the restoration into the color liquid for 1 minute after applying the Origin Incisal Enhancer on the incisal area.

Technician is now no longer required to convert from VITA 16 shade to VITA 3D Master


Eliminate the tedious & inconsistent conversion to 3D-Master from the Classic Vita.

Perfect for Beyond Plus

Optimized for Beyond Plus zirconia for maximum translucency effects

Multiple Shades

No matter the project, we have 29 different shades that will help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Easy to Use

Because it’s a water based, non-acidic color liquid it is easy and quick to use.