B&D Dental Technologies

Origin® AccuSinter™

AccuSinter™ has been designed from the ground up with the user experience in mind. Thanks to our quality control system the AccuSinter™ has much better performance when compared to our competitors. 

Exclusively designed with a smaller chamber size for increased temperature accuracy and heat distribution. Our stackable tray system allows for up to 75 units to sinter per each cycle. The included software is fully programmable and customizable to allow for alternate heating and cooling cycles. This allows for different materials and more consistent zirconia color.


Quick Mode

Single Copings or small Bridges (3 to 4 Unit Bridges)

Regular Mode

Large bridge case or 4 unit bridge case with large Pontic

Full Contour Mode

Full contour dirconia sintering at an increased temperature

Custom Mode

Create your own Sintering Cycles to fulfill all your Zirconia needs.

Other attributes include:

• Compact Size

• Consistent Zirconia color

• Eliminate contamination residue 

• 60 C/min ramp rate 

• 1600 C Maximum Temperature 

• Increases Zirconia Production while decreasing cost

For best results we recommend using only genuine Origin Zirconia material